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Linking to my site

Feel free to link to my site, although I make no guarantees that the URLs will never change... But please don't link to the images on my site. If you want to embed images from my site on yours (but see below), please download a copy to your site and link it back to mine. Thanks!

Downloading images

Feel free to download images from my site for personal, non-profit use (e.g., wallpaper, school assignments etc.)

If you want to publicly display my images (e.g., in brochures, on the Web) for non-profit use, please email me first. I'll typically give permission provided you host the image yourself (assuming it's displayed on the Web), include a reference to my site and give credit where it is due.

If you want to use my images for commercial use, contact me and we'll see what we can work out. For commercial use, you'll want better quality images than I provide here anyway, and I have the original slides or negatives for almost all of the images on this site.

Everything else

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