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Pre-service photos in the park

Maria's parents, Janna and Grant.

Maria's family (L - R): Angela, Grant, Janna, Maria, John, Matthew with Nathan, Karolyn and close friend Karina.

Nathan loved smelling Maria's bouquet.

Maria's sister and brother, Angela and Matthew.

John's parents, Ray and Terry.

Maria and John with John's parents and his Aunt Ruth Bell.

John's grandparents, Jack and Margaret Elliott.

Maria and John with John's immediate family.

Maria and John with John's siblings, Ted, Shirley-Anne, Nigel and Chrissie.

Maria with her nephew Nathan, Matthew and Karolyn's son.

Group family photo.

The service

Exchanging vows.

Nathan the ring bearer.

"You may kiss the bride!"

Morning tea

Cutting the cake.

Wedding car

Thanks to Barb and Larry Gustafson for decorating and trusting us with their precious Mustang!

Photos in the park

Pakistan reunion picnic

MCS friends: Neil Allyn, Scott Larson, Darla (Gustafson) Williams, Angela Seewald, Maria and John, Nigel, Shirley-Anne, Ted, Shani Laldin, Juli (Mansfield) Oldham, Nosheen Laldin, Matthew and Karolyn Lock.

Wedding dinner at Samosa Garden Restaurant

L - R: Larry and Barb Gustafson, Shirley-Anne, Nigel, Chrissie, Margaret and Jack Elliott.

L - R: Paul Chaffee, Alison Cox, Karolyn, Nathan, Angela, Malinda and Steve Lawson (and Matthew behind the camera!).

L - R: Lily Jacob, Ruth and Steven Simonyi-Gindele, George Jacob, John and Sharon MacDonald, Aunt Ruth Bell.

L - R: Darla Williams, Karina Jaeschke, Dorothy and Seung Kim, Ted, Nigel, Bryan Williams.

John and Maria with Pakistani wedding decorations courtesy of Grant and Janna.