Most of these pictures were taken on Boxing Day, 2000, when we did a day trip around the Cape Peninsula with old friends of my parents.

Cape Point

Halfway up to the Cape of Good Hope lighthouse.
Top row: Shirley-Anne, Ted, me, Nigel
Bottom row: Mom, Dad, Chrissie

At the lighthouse.
Chrissie looks cool for the camera.

You Should See What I Ride Now

Our hosts' car barely fit five people, so we rented two of these scooters for the other four people. I'd done the same thing when I was in Cape Town a year earlier.

Despite the wind we all survived, which is especially amazing given that Shirley-Anne, Ted and Nigel had never written a scooter or motorcycle before. These ones had gears, though no clutch. They did have brakes, a fact which Nigel seemed to miss when he decided that the best way to brake was to quickly down-shift two gears, much to the chagrin of the back tire... Top speed was 120 km/h with a good wind at your back and a slight down-slope.

And my current set of wheels? A Honda VFR. It's a bit faster than the scooters... ;)

Clambering Around Rocks

Ted's knees start to buckle...

Nigel gives a steadying hand.

Fish Hoek at Sundown

Fish Hoek Beach

Ambush shots


Ouch! Ted forgets the sunscreen... Cool sideburns though.