In July 2002 I flew to Nairobi Kenya for my youngest sister Chrissie's high-school graduation from Rift Valley Academy. It's an international boarding school serving the missionary community in eastern and south-central Africa and is spectacularly situated overlooking the Great Rift Valley. The (too dark) picture to the right doesn't do the view justice.

Chrissie's Graduation Pictures

Click here to see pictures from Chrissie's high-school graduation.

South Coast, Mombasa

Chrissie's graduation was the first time since our holiday in Cape Town that all seven of us were together, so it was a pretty big (and expensive!) occasion. After graduation, and spending a couple of days around RVA and Nairobi, we took an overnight bus to Mombasa for a 10 day family holiday on Mombasa's "south coast" where we had a great time enjoying the hot sun, soft white sand and clear blue sea. Watch out for the sea urchins though.

Sitting down to a late brunch.

This is the beach at the bottom of our hotel! ;)

An official family portrait.
(L to R: Me, Nigel, Chrissie, Mom, Dad, Shirley-Anne, Ted)

Fort Jesus, Mombasa

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