Back in Canada and the end of my trip is in sight. I spent a few days in Vancouver (and liked it enough that I'm living here now), another few on Vancouver Island, in Victoria and Courtenay, then took a bus overland to Calgary, stopping for a couple of days in Banff. From Calgary I flew back to Toronto ending my round the world trip.

The Snowbirds

The Snowbirds are the Royal Canadian Airforce's aerobatic team. Courtenay, where I was staying a couple of days with friends, is their summer home, so I took in one of their daily practise sessions, for free.


Hope, the "Gateway to the Fraser," is a small town two hours east of Vancouver and the last town before you head into the pass leading to the interior. Outside of the town are these tunnels, made for an abandoned railway, that run through a scenic gorge. Well worth seeing if ever you find yourself there.


Banff really is spectacular. Almost as spectacular as Cape Town.

The town is at middle-left.
The world famous Banff Springs Hotel is at bottom-center.

Another view of the town.

And the hotel.

Full Circle

At the airport to meet me were the same people who saw me off, including Shirley-Anne who had since returned (temporarily) from Japan. Thanks to Cam for these photos!

Sporting my sun-bleached around-the-world haircut. Don't worry, I've had it cut since.

Grinning siblings: Ted, Shirley-Anne, Nigel and yours truly.

Max and Cam complete the welcome party.